“I believe in empowering clients

to integrate their potentials and ignite their visionary future now."        


When we work together to synchronize your personal and professional intentions, you will increase your capacity and cultivate a deeper level of meaning.


You will gain confidence within a thought-provoking and creative process, guided by your value-based goals.

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​Empower Your Life. 

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Vicki Lundin-Taylor, PhD 
Personal and Professional Transformative Coach, ACC, MBA


I believe when you develop a generative growth pattern through clarity of vision, alignment of purpose, and increased effectiveness, you create a life that is uniquely yours.

In Sync With Self 

A Synchronistic Approach

We want the vitality of a

balanced and harmonized life!

As a professionally trained and experienced transformative coach, I have the tools and understanding to guide you in creating the life you want, with a renewed sense of self.