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In Sync With Self 

A Synchronistic Approach

ARE you ready to slay dragons and cross thresholds?

Which path will you choose to tread?

Heroine’s Journey Circle

Next ​Heroine’s Journey Circle™ will begin later in 2018.  

Only 4 or 5 Heroines in each Journey Circle Tribe.

        Dr. Vicki Lundin-Taylor                                       Investment:  $495.00 

Please register and purchase here.

You may also send me questions and connect with me for a conversation about what to expect on your Heroine's Journey. 

​​Heroine’s Journey Circle™– Journey Circles are held with 3 or 4 amazing women like yourself who want to explore and be inspired to transform their most authentic and highest Self.

Join a tribe of women, while journeying to the edge and discovering new openings for life’s possibilities – a new direction!  

You are supported by the feminine force and your vision creates the path you dance. 

“I am creating a new world for myself and it is a little scary and a lot exciting.” -  Journeyer Sandy

“The energy last night was beautifully felt. It feels so right, timely and magical.”   -  Journeyer Ruth

”Say Yes . . . I think we might be in sync with the Universe.”  -  Journeyer Vickie