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reflections from clients.
Reflections from clients.

"Vicki knows just the right question to ask that both stimulate new thinking and move the conversation in innovative directions.”

- Sandra Klausen

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"Dr. Lundin-Taylor is a gifted communicator. At all times when we work together she is 100% focused and 100% present without any lapses in energy or connectedness, no matter the changes in direction of topics and emotions. And she responds directly and clearly to what I am saying and asking. If she has her own agenda, it is so nuanced as to not be obvious. This manner of communicating is a gift -- and I think it is the magic in the work and the catalyst for the learning and growth. I feel that I learn and grow not only after our sessions as I reflect and practice, but I grow in real time, during our sessions. The give and take of the communication with Dr. Lundin-Taylor is like dancing with a partner who somehow leads you to move, better than you realized you were able to."
  -- Dr. Janet L. Kayfetz 

“Masterful! Dr. Vicki provided the tools I needed to focus on the true priorities in my life and business to make each day personally & professionally rewarding”

 -- University Professor | Los Angeles, CA

“Wow, is pretty much describes what I have been feeling since I have left your special space.  My first day had been much more than I had ever expected and I’m feeling much lighter and happier since then, so wow!”

-- Email | La Quinta, CA

"She knows just the right question to ask that both stimulate new thinking and move the conversation in innovative directions.  As a member of Vicki’s Journey Council, I have experienced her exquisite facility for engaging and building strong connections. I have appreciated her open and candid approach to our discussions and her ability to hold us accountable for our activities, goals and assignments. I have taken her advice/coaching and found her methods to be very positive and effective." 

-- Sandy K. | Boise, ID