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A Synchronistic Approach
  • A feeling of being overwhelmed with a “to do” list and no time for yourself
  • Success has started to become more difficult
  • Work and home are out of balance, creating unwanted consequences
  • Major transition (divorce, career promotion, layoff, health concern)

Coaching is a thought provoking and creative process that maximizes your potential growth and development.

The following are just a few situations that clients have shared prior to being coached:

​​​What is Transformative Coaching?

I do not quote fees on my website as I feel it is important we first meet during a complimentary coaching consultation. This meeting gives you the opportunity to ask me questions regarding the coaching process, available programs, and fees. It gives us time to discuss what is on your mind and how coaching can be the best investment for taking your next step. If we have already connected, you may purchase your customized coaching plan here. 

When you get stuck in familiar ways of being and doing, those patterns may not work for you as they did in the past.

You may not know who you are anymore. There is a gap of who you are and who you thrive to be. 

Synchronizing yourself with a balanced lifestyle brings not only a great sense of wellbeing – it is an amazing life!

"Our greatest edge in life is our willingness to be open to new perspectives."


Take Your Next Step.  

To learn more about how we might work together to help you reach your personal and/or professional goals, connect with me for a FREE 15-minute conversation.

  • Unsettled feeling with a lack of clarity for making decisions
  • Something is at stake in life; an opportunity or a challenge
  • Tired and exhausted with no energy or motivation for the ​next step
  • Diminished confidence level and a subtle feeling of not being good enough